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About our Alpha team

Team Alpha is formed by three web development students at Humber College. With a limited time frame of two weeks, we cooperated to complete a challenging project. This web application is a creation of our tireless effort filled with our sweat and tears.

  • Christine Bittle

    Project Manager, Back-end Developer

    Christine is a talented full-stack web developer backed with solid experience.Her passion for this project was beyond anyone's imagination. She pushed herself to keep the project going around the clock.

  • Tessie Zhang

    Front-end Developer

    Tessie is a young front-end developer with exceptional design taste.Despite her time restriction, her performance was commendable.

  • Amika Ota

    HTML,CSS, Documentation

    Amika is new to web development field. Her contribution was supporting Christine and Tessie with their tasks. Her commitment is second to none.

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