Teamwork Sport Supply

Teamwork Sport Supply Ltd needed a new site. I was happy to oblige. The most important thing for a local business is to get in touch with the person. You can take advantage of the personal communication right away. I have the contact information right at the top and the bottom of every page on the site.

The design theme that I chose for this site is "Community". I wanted to show people who have been positively impacted by the value of sport, and use that as a pillar for why you would choose Teamwork Sport for your embroidery needs. To this effect I used a slider that had an associated image, quote, and how it relates back to the company.

The second thing that I had to achieve was figuring out how to let people know what products are offered. What I learned was that many distributors of wholesale products don't have a stock reserve, but rather order it on the fly. This way insead of showing the stock of Teamwork, I'm now tasked with displaying the stock all of the retailers, and what they offer.

What I decided to do as a feasible solution was sort each retail partner by what their main products were. So if someone is looking for a hats, and they don't know what kind of hats they want, they can go onto teamwork and search for "Hats" and KNP Headwear might show up, for example.

I am satisfied with how this website turned out because it was also the beginning of a business solution!